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Quality services based on experience

We identify the needs and expectations of our clients quickly and accurately, allowing us to come up with optimal and best work and employment terms.


About Us

We are a modern, dynamically growing British company, active on the professional personal consultancy market in Poland. Our clients’ sense of security and establishing a comfortable relationship are our overriding goals.


What sets us apart

Knowledge of the market
Constant development and creativity of our specialists
Openness and a partnership based approach to business
Ability to build long term relationships
An innovative approach to human resources
Process, or participation in all stages of employment
Working culture and mutual achievement of goals

Our qualities

People   Honesty
  People inspire us, it is they who constitute the most valuable capital and potential, thus full
commitment is essential for us.
    We are strict followers of the principle that a trust once lost is difficult to rebuild and thus,
for us, it lies at the foundation of our company’s activities.
Responsibility   Reputation
  We work in accordance with the letter of the law and our work ethic is exceptional.     We are guided by corporate social responsibility and in our actions we take into account the
common good - environment protection, staff and subcontractors.
  Allows us to remain competitive and see the clients’ needs from a broader perspective.      


Benefits from working with Eurica


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Eurica LTD Sp. z o.o.
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